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hi everyone

sorry to be bombarding you all with emails this morning.

There is a student bouldering comp taking place this Saturday (the 1st) at
boulders climbing center in Cardiff, this is a great oppertunity to  test
your climbing skills in a friendly environment.  This is NOT just for the
bouldering team. For further info please see
https://www.facebook.com/events/504595752898390/ .
The cost of the trip is £10 including entry to the comp and transport. a
sign up sheet will be opened tomorrow (tuesday) at 10 am so if your keen
sign up!
this will be run as a normal trip with car sharing ect, however if there is
not enough cars available it may be possible to organise a pick up
from Cardiff station/bus station but this may cost more.


Joe McCarty

training officer

attendance is compulsory for members of the bouldering team unless you have
a good excuse!

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