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Fri Feb 1 17:14:38 GMT 2013

To my lovely climbers,

Hope you've all brushed up on your climbing knowledge for tonight's
climbing pub quiz at 7pm on the coffee side of JC's!

In other news:

*Routes Comp*
Those representin' SUMC at the Boulders Routes Comp on Saturday should:

 1. Do your best to smash the other unis (which I know you will do)
 2. Turn up to Fulton House at 8:15am with climbing shoes, belay device,
chalk, harness, food etc.

Ropes will be provided but I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you wanted to
compete using your own.

*Peaks, 22nd-24th Feb*
If you've signed up for this please remember to pay your deposit of £35 by
the 11th February.

*Banff, 8th March*
Hallelujah, the price has gone down!!!! If you've signed up, please pay £12
to Matt R. by the 7th feb. If you've already paid up then happy day! you
get some money back. If you haven't yet checked out the trailer/ programme,
visit this link NOW! http://www.banff-uk.com/

Other events coming up include an outdoor trip on the 16th feb (learn to
lead trad), another round of club clothing, many more socials and our
summer trip! Watch this space for more details.

Peace out,

SUMC Committee

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