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Hey there climbers,

So there are many socials happening this term including:
National singles awareness day, to sin city
BANFF film festival

First is the national singles awareness day social to sin city on Thursday
14th February, yes it is actually valentines day, but for those that done
have partners to hand or just want to go out instead of staying in we will
be meeting at the potters wheel at 10pm, so you will have time to get
yourselves ready after the uni wall session before we all hit sin.

Second is Playzone, this is an wackyware house (which I hope you all had in
your childhoods) but it has a bar! I'm still working on the price for this,
but as soon as I know the cost I will let you all know whats happening, but
we will be meeting in JC's at 7pm on Friday 1st March and heading off from

Third is possible the most enjoyed social of the year, Banff, it is
happening on Friday 8th March, it is £12 per head and the money must be
given to Matt Riordan by 7th February (this Thursday), sorry for the
limited timing of payment but hopefully you'll manage to see him at the
climbing sessions that we have going on this week, as this social is well
worth going on. We will be meeting in JC's at 6pm on Friday 8th March and
leaving from there to the theater.

I really hope you can make it to some of these socials if not all.
Much love
Social Secretary
SUMC Committee

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