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Hey there climbers

So we have a fair few socials happening soon:

The first is the Singles Awareness day social happening this Thursday.
Meeting in the potters wheel at 9.30 so you'll have time to get
de-chalked after the uni wall session before heading into sin at 10.

The second is the Playzone Social which is happening on Friday 1st March
(it is a joint social with the mountain bikers). We will be meeting in JC's
before hand probably around 6.30/7 and then taking a bus to Playzone where
there will be a bar aswell as lots of ball pits and other childish fun.
The cost of this social is £10 including travel there and back as well as
entry (which is a mega save, as it is meant to be £9 entry).
Payment for this social has to be paid in full to Matt Riordan by Monday
18th February. So make sure you get the money in by next Monday at the

The last social of the term will be Banff film festival, which is happening
on Friday 8th March. Tickets are booked so feel free to get excited for
this fantastic night.

Have a great week
Social Sec
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