[SUMC] 2nd Round of Club Clothing!!!!!!

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Mon Feb 18 10:21:45 GMT 2013

Hey Climbers,

Following the success of the club clothing sale before Christmas, we are
putting on another for all of you who didn't have the time or the money to
purchase some last year. You might have seen members wearing their new kit
with pride, and in my opinion it looks awesome!

There are 2 designs to choose from for the tees, tank tops and (zip) hoodies
which are attached to this message in a pdf, so please specify which design
you would like (1 or 2) in the "style" column on your order. Beanies and
buffs will have a small embroidered SUMC logo on the front; please put N/A
in the "style" column if you are purchasing these items. You need to have
ordered and paid by *Monday 25th February*.

Here's what we have on offer (click on the links to see the items and possible

Men's Tee<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28S%28kd3ecb22tfkcb2r024zubyny%29%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=3336>
 - £11
Women's Tee<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28S%28efjc3545vfi3ma45rrrbj445%29%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=3342>
 - £11
Men's Tank<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28S%28ky1lja454jqcdmu2j0ewx155%29%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=4731>
 - £15
Women's Tank<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28S%284e5nhj55bszgwkfdcpegxz55%29%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=4150>
 - £14
Hoodie (unisex)<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28S%28d3zhwxnausei5ei15yvm0n55%29%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=3376>
 - £21
Zip Hoodie (unisex)<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28S%28sjdx4z45qnhlvkqr1olbyv55%29%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=3349>
 - £26
Fleece 'Buff'
 - £7
Beanie Hat<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28S%28qqgjf5551klv5p45m0rehzfc%29%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=980>
 - £6
Tassel Hat<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28S%28304hrzbpsajlnp55x0a5x245%29%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=4547>
 - £9

 Please follow instructions carefully:

   1. Click Reply to this message
   2. Scroll down this message that is quoted in the reply
   3. Fill out the below table with the items you want, choosing colours
   and sizes from the links above, and the "style" of design from the
   4. Fill out the order total cost
   5. Send message
   6. Pay our lovely Treasurer Matt Riordan your money for the total cost
   by Monday 25th February or your order will be cancelled.

       Item Description Item Code Size Colour Style Quantity Item cost line
cost  e.g. Zip Hoodie GD058 M Sport Grey Design 1 2 £26 £52 (qty x cost)  1
            £ £  2             £ £  3             £ £  4             £ £  5
            £ £                Total £
If you have any questions, please e-mail us back or ask a committee member,
otherwise happy shopping!

SUMC Committee

Web: http://www.sumc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.sumc.org.uk/cragchat

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