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Happy Monday Climbers!

The good news is that we have extended the deadline for club clothing
orders and payments to next Monday (4th March), so you have a little more
time do decide on exactly which shade of green you want that hoodie in :P.
Please have your orders in by e-mail ad money in to Alex Linge by that date.

Remember, Playzone is this Friday and Banff is next Friday, both of which
are going to be EPIC socials. Also there will be no day trip this weekend,
it has been postponed until the weekend of the 9th/10th, you will receive
an e-mail at the end of the week with details on this.

Lastly, I know this may feel a little early, but the end of the year is
fast approaching, whether we like it or not, and so is the Annual General
Meeting (AGM) where we elect next year's committee (provisionally on the
26th April). I've put together a little description of each role, just so
you guys can have a think about what you might like to stand for and have a
chat to the committee if you want more information. There are currently 8
members of the committee and all MUST be friendly, approachable,
responsible and organised. I've also provided the name of the people who
currently hold the positions so you know who to talk to:

*President *(Charlotte Graves)

The head of the club and responsible for organising training sessions
(Monday and Thursday nights), day trips and weekend trips. Is the
main liaison with Sport Swansea and chairs committee meetings, providing
the agenda and delegating tasks to other committee members. The candidate
must be friendly, approachable, organised, responsible, authoritative,
safety conscious, committed and ready to put a lot of time and energy into
the club. They must be competent and knowledgeable in climbing matters both
indoors and outdoors but do not necessarily have to climb E-grades.

*Secretary *(Lydia Galloway)

Responsible for taking, writing up and circulating minutes from committee
meetings and booking accommodation for weekend trips (incl. liaison with
owners). Also is responsible for BMC memberships, helping with the
paperwork on Monday nights and general admin tasks. Although this may not
sound much, it cannot be overstated how important this role is. The
candidate must be very organised, professional, helpful, reliable and

*Treasurer *(Matt Riordan)

Responsible for organising and keeping track of the club's finances both in
the tin and the club account. Responsible for collecting money on all club
trips and for liaising with the S.U. finance office. Must be organised,
trustworthy, reliable and have some affinity with numbers.

*Gear Rep *(Alex Linge)

Cares for and keeps track of all club equipment including trad gear,
bouldering mat, harnesses, shoes and ropes. Responsible for organising the
transport of the appropriate equipment to all club trips and for making
sure it all comes back. Makes sure that the equipment is safe for use by
club members but is NOT responsible for washing ropes. The candidate must
be organised and have some background knowledge in gear use, maintenance
and damage inspection as well as having somewhere safe and large enough to
keep it all.

*Training Officer (*Joe McCarty)

Manages the bouldering team and is responsible for everything related to
them including BUCS applications, transport, accommodation and training
sessions. Must be a competent and skilled boulderer with a knowledge of
training and technique. May also be involved in the running of general
training sessions for other club members such as learn to lead days/nights
and fear management courses. Must be committed to the team and able to
train at least three times a week.

*Social Sec *(Clare Garside)

Organises all socials and books all relevant rooms and transport as well as
informing members of what is occurring through facebook, e-mail and
announcements. Responsible for organising the Christmas ball with the
hiking club and making members feel welcome in the club. Must be really
friendly and approachable and, ideally, imaginative so that they can come
up with great social ideas.

*Management Rep (*Matt Everett)

Essentially an advisory role, the candidate must have committee experience
and be helpful and responsible.

*Web Sec *(Alex Wade)

Responsible for managing the SUMC website, our space on the S.U. website
and opening sign-ups etc. Must be fairly knowledgeable about web design/

So have a think people.

That's it for now, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send
us an e-mail or talk to us tonight.

Peace out,


SUMC Committee

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