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Morning troops,

Put briefly, BANFF is an evening well spent. If you haven't seen the
trailers already they do a better job of describing how awesome it is than
I could ever do.

Watch full screen in HD for maximum effect
BANFF 2014 Trailer <http://youtu.be/gYSgG9qSQ1I>
BANFF 2013 Trailer <http://youtu.be/IosxBZZGTSQ>

This year it is held on *Friday 28th March*. The tickets will cost about
*£11* at the moment, but I'll see if we can get some discounts. We'll add
on a couple of pounds per person too for fuel.

However, we need car drivers too! So if you have a car and want to go,
please volunteer and drive some others! You'll be rewarded with fuel money

All you have to do is turn up, sit down and watch the incredible adventure
films!  They were a large number of people last year who said "I wish I
went now". Im sure this year wont be making the same mistake!

We'll open a sign up shortly for those interested and we'll be collecting
money well in advance in case they sell out. Im aware alumni will be
attending also, so its a great chance to meet with them / say hello to them

Any questions, ping us an E-mail and we'll get back to you.

Matt Ev

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