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Hi everyone

Hope you all had a good Xmas and new year! *This Email is aimed at those
wishing to either burn the Xmas tukey off with exercise schemes or those
who wish to progress their  climbing careers.*

I bring tidings of the mega useful site; www.ukclimbing.com. As well as
having gear articles, reviews, rock destination guides, how-to's, forums,
videos, photos (<- Great if you want a new desktop background by the way)
and loads more climbing knowledge stuff...UKclimbing is also home to

Heres President Joe's
And heres mine <http://www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/showlog.html?id=101101>
and there are many,<http://www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/showlog.html?id=111847>
many <http://www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/showlog.html?id=146214>

These are free, personal (can be made private) logbooks you can use to
store the climbs you've done, both indoor and outdoor. Ill explain indoor
and training in a bit.

Every outdoor climb thats not a first ascent is on UKclimbing. From famous
3 star classics to terrible 'bags of ...' you can read about them, look at
the grade, see pictures and look at other climbers' feedback on the climb -
particularly useful before you go get stuck on a long multi-pitch traverse!

Another feature of UKC logbooks is the 'my diary' section. This
automatically logs your outdoor climbs, but if you want to keep track of
your indoor sessions too (and make particular notes on what you
did/achieved) you can do this here. And any hill walking you do, mountain
biking and ANY other sport you do. This is particularly useful to those
training to keep track of what they've done in each session.

So if you're looking at taking climbing a bit more seriously this year, a
UKC logbook is a great start. Simply sign up (they don't send spam, dont
worry) and have a look around the site.

Any questions at all about the site ask me or Joe, as we frequent it the
most (in the UK).

Matt Ev

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