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Morning all.

First some reminders.

*Portland Trip*
If you haven't yet shown your interest please do so ASAP. We need to know
how many people would come so we can look at campsites, cars etc. See the
fantastically inspiring E-mail I wrote last time for more info.

*Club clothing*
Whether its a t-shirt or hoody your club clothing orders will be available
for the first two weeks at the dynamic rock trips on Monday AND on the
Thursday uni wall sessions.

*First trip(s)*
The first Monday trip to Dynamic rock is THIS MONDAY! (Woohoo!) 27th January
The first Thursday uni wall session is the Thursday afterwards (30th
January) (Exciting!)
The first OUTDOOR TRIP will be the 2nd February (Holy Tablespoons!)
And don't forget the peak district trip (that Joe told you how amazing it
will be)

Now the main subject is the workshops we will be running. We've just
decided to graciously impart our climbing wisdom with you, and what better
way than practical demonstrations! These will be happening mostly on
Thursdays as shown below...

Monday 27th January - Learn to Lead Sport (indoors at Dynamic Rock)
Thursday 30th January - Learn to Lead Sport (indoors at the Uni wall)
Sunday 2nd February - Learn to Lead Trad (Outdoors at Box Bay, Porthcawl)
Monday 3rd February - Learn to Lead Sport (indoors at Dynamic Rock)
Thursday 6th February - Learn to Lead Sport (indoors at the Uni wall)
Thursday 13th February - Outdoor/Trad skills 1
Saturday 15th February - Learn to Lead Trad (Outdoors at King wall,
Thursday 20th February - Outdoor/Trad skills 2
Thursday 27th February - Outdoor/Trad skills 3
Thursday 6th March - Outdoor/Trad skill 4

These courses are the fastest way to get you leading climbs outside. The
first is a set of 4 courses teaching you how to clip, climb and fall
when *leading
sport climbs indoors*. Being able to lead sport is a PRE-REQUISITE to
the *Learn
to Lead Trad* trips (expect more information on the outdoor trips soon).
Clipping a bolt is one thing, clipping a suspect looking piece of gear is
For the remainder of the year we will be teaching *outdoor/trad skills*.These
answer questions such as *how do I secure a climbing partner while I go to
get help* (or a cup of tea), or *whats the best way of climbing a static
rope?* *When do I use sling belays? How do I abseil off a mountain?*

Come along and find out ;) These will be most beneficial to Trad (outdoor)
leaders, wishing to be more confident and competent outdoors, or those who
want to take their in-experienced climbing friends outdoors.

So see you all Monday for some plastic crushing at Dynamic Rock! Time to
burn that Christmas turkey off!

Matt Ev

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