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Hello sailors
This is a bit of a drunken E-mail, so apologies for its integrity. No
doubt, it has the eloquence of a squirrel thats been punched in the face by
a football hooligan (not that I promote this sort of behaviour at all).

(BTW heres a game, try to guess who's written this before reading the

This weekend (Sunday to be precise) is a day trip. As the weather looks 'a
bit iffy' as they say, we are headed to Trebanog. Im struggling to contain
my excitement whilst writing this.

This means, if you're not already signed up, do so QUICKLY. We are meeting
at fulton house at 9am. Coffee might help with this. You'll need:

Sensible shoes for the walk in
Climbing shoes
A sense of adventure

Any of these (including the sense of adventure) can be borrowed from the
club. Please indicate what you need on the sign up sheet.

Anyway, enough of trebanog. Next day trip will be to KING WALL. Named so
because king Edward IX was crowned there. Wow!

This trip will take place on SATURDAY 15th MARCH (yes, next weekend) and
will cost £5. Sign up as always taking place on the events page
www.sumc.org.uk/events . This is a great trip for the following reasons:

I may not be there
Many easy grade, high quality routes on king wall...
...and harder grade, high quality routes at lewes castle above it
beautiful scenery of the gower coastline
Very relaxed atmosphere
Giants cave is pretty spectacular too
etc (really there are more reasons)

If you want more information, ask Joe, tomorrow. (E-mail us)


Matt Ev

(PS, King Edward IX (who doesn't exist) was not crowned at king wall)

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