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Hello Everyone

By now you're either done or coming to the end of the exam period! Once
you've finished your initial celebrations, have a look at the following for
further chances to celebrate your freedom ;)

*Monday nights* are NO more as Dynamic Rock are shut on Mondays over
Summer! Instead if you want to go indoors cheap, its Wednesday and Saturday
for student nights (and ofcourse open other days of the week too)

*Tuesday the 9th* is the *Gear Sort*. Firstly *if you have ANY club kit we
need it back asap* so we can count it for the Sport Swansea requirements.
We wont get angry you've horded it all this time, we just need it back
thats all. If you don't have kit but want to come along anyway then please
do - I'll issue a meeting time and place E-mail soon. Finally if you want
to rumage through the kit and see what the club has, then help us out at
the same time and count something too :)

*Wednesday 10th *is the* Beach BBQ* on the beach by uni. The BBQ will be at
the old slip bridge - from the beach outside uni, starting walking along
the sand until you reach the fenced off bridge. You'll know when you see
it! Climbing, eating, drinking and generally sitting in the sun - bring
your friends and food! Theres a facebook group, maps, topos...all sorts.
Adam is even making a conscious effort to clear away all the rocks and
shells that are in the way! Awww...

There are also* regular trips *to crags and indoor crags that are regularly
posted on the facebook group. If you suddenly have the urge to go climbing,
find a post or make a post asking if anyone else feels the same! Remember
you can use club kit up until the Cornwall trip (and it'll need to be back
in Jess's hands before then).


*Cornwall* is also on the cards and its *NOT too late to join*! Contact me
on facebook, or send me an E-mail here if you want in. If you want a cheap
camping holiday in sunny Cornwall, now is your chance! Its also a great way
to start your summer and meet the SUMC legends ;)
If you want some inspiration, here are some pictures from the crags we will
definitely be visiting:
Image 1
Image 2 <http://sixknots.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/easter-2004-041.jpg>
Image 3 <http://photos_00.coastradar.com/05/02/050202.jpg>
Image 4 <http://www.skicambridge.com/rock/r_ja_andrew_web.jpg>
Image 5
(all shamelessly stolen from google)
There was also a video made from one year which had a wide span of events:


So thats Cornwall and almost the end of the E-mail. If this is the last one
you read there a couple of last minute points I'd like to give.
1) Firstly if you're on this mailing list and would like to get off it,
read the 3 lines above the invoice address very carefully and you'll find
the unsubscribe link. You're always welcome to receive the E-mails though
if you want to stay in touch!

2) Similarly feel free to stay a part of the facebook group too to keep in
touch. Whether you're in uni or not climbers are always looking for
partners, advice and news and SUMC can be your go-to resource.

3) ...and Finally the most important bit which will see subsequent E-mails
soon; the *Gower Climbing Festival! *Most of you have developed your skills
and friendships well within SUMC, but now its time to start branching out
and meeting the non-student climbers. The GCF brings them all together, old
faces and new. The festival is essentially a weekend camping out at
Rhossilli with free bacon + egg butties in the morning.
Make some new friends at the campsite, meet the locals and non-locals and
go out for a day of climbing - you may be showing people round places
they've never been to before, or going to new places yourself. The weekend
is the *11th - 13th September *so PLEASE keep the date free! Its also a
great way to see everyone again before term starts.

Right thats all for now. As ever, any questions, ping me an E-mail and I'll
get back to you.

Ta ta

Matt Ev

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