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Hello climbers!

This email is just about the North Wales trip this weekend so feel free to
ignore it if you're not coming. There will be another email later this
evening about the next day trip and various other stuff...

Firstly Weather!
Its going to be cold and windy and wet and maybe snowy so bring (full, if
you have them) waterproofs and lots of warm things including gloves and
hats and that lovely knitted scarf your grandma made you but you've never

You will need harness, helmet, belay plate and nut key as a minimum.
Bring suitable footwear for walking.
Sleeping bag (You don't need mats, there are beds!)

Please Note, if you don't have suitable clothing and shoes for mountain
walking and cold wet weather we won't take you out as it's not safe! If you
desperately need something then post on the facebook wall and someone may
be really nice and let you borrow stuff.

You will need to provide for yourselves for breakfasts and lunches and
Friday evening meal. Saturday evening meal is provided.

Cars and Leaving Times

*Zaras Car* - leaving 1pm from Fulton house
Tim Solway
Jason Derry
Calum Mcclune

*Abbey's Car* - leaving 2pm from Fulton house
Georgina Jackson
Carlos De Lima
Michael Palfrey

*Declan's Car* - leaving 3pm from Fulton house
Ellie Pullen
Muthappa Machimada
Andrew Hina

*Jack's Car* - leaving 4pm from Fulton house
Brodie Scott
Alex Cutts
Mathias Weber

*Laura's Car* - leaving 6pm from Laura's house
Richard Noot-Davies
Bertrand Rome

Driver's please keep your receipts to give to Laura for petrol money.

Happy Climbing!

Jess and Laura

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