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Wed Aug 31 15:16:07 BST 2005

Heya Everyone,

As most of you will now know I have left the Students Union to set up my
own Student Coaching Practice for people just like yourselves.

Mainly I will be working with 16-25 helping individuals in a one on one
relationship to deal with the following issues:

- Graduates starting out in their careers, developing skills and progress
- Finalists managing their work loads
- Self development so you graduate with a firm understanding of who you
are, where you want to get to, with all the experience needed to get
- Improving Grades i.e. exams, essays,
- Course choices
- Setting goals i.e. to get a first, 2.ii, develop confidence
- Work life balance / Time management
- Skill development - confidence, presentations,

Basically just about any challenge a student might face in their career
and life.

I am really excited about it because I love to see people becoming all
that they can be and coaching is such a practical way of doing this as it
really challenges individuals to take steps forward towards their goals.
Also lots of people realise they really can be anything they want to be
and it really is theirs for the taking.

I have been given permission to write to you on this mailing list one last
time to let you know what I am doing and to invite you to become part of a
group of like minded, successful individuals.

I am starting a group called 'Achievers Today' which involves people just
like yourselves who want to be successful. Its free to join and will
involve a frequent newsletter (can't say how often yet) that has book
reviews, tips on a range of subjects, celebrations of members successes
and their tips on success, and just about anything people think others
might gain from learning about.

If you want to be part of this exciting group all you have to do is email
me at naomi.johnson at blueyonder.co.uk and I'll add you to the mailing list.

I'd love to keep in contact with you, so do drop me a line either way.
This will be the last time I can email you unless you give me your details
because of Data Projection. I didn't collect many of your emails before I
went which was sad. SO make sure you respond to this email NOW if you want
to keep in contact!!!

My website will be www.AchieveTODAY.co.uk, but don't go there today cos
its just a big mess.

I look forward to hearing from you, and it you want any coaching let me
know. You are welcome to a 30 minute complimentary session if you want to
suss out what its all about. You can call me on 0845 020 4387.

Look forward to hearing from you


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