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Mon Jan 31 09:39:39 GMT 2005

Dear Societies,

Please be aware that this is the new mailing list, kindly provided by
SUCS, for contacting you. I have been having terrible trouble with my
emails so apologies to anyone who has emailed me and not got a reply. If I
got it - I did reply - but whether you got it or not is another thing!

Unfortunately this little drama has resulted in the Soc Fest being one big
impossible headache. Some of you have faithfully put on events next week
for the festival and for that a huge THANK YOU! If you have an event going
on please put it on the website as soon as possible. The Username is FORUM
and the password is SOCKS. Really important as I have had departments
phoning me up about it for their exchange students.

Please please do this. You will notice next week that there is not SOC
FEST publicity because it appeared there wasn't much to advertise. Well
done to those who have got some great advertising up. The Foyer in Fulton
House is booked all of next week if anyone wants to use it. If so let me
know and then just turn up.

There will be a Society Forum on Monday at 5pm in Senior Common Room. If
you could make your best effort to be there I would be grateful. It would
be good to touch base with you all again and see where we are at. We will
be talking mostly about whether to go ahead with the Fayre in Dining Room
C on Friday. If you can't come please drop me a line with your opinions on

Well now I have finished plugging in all your email addresses in, its time
for me to make a swift exit as its the weekend. Please keep in touch. Pop
in. Email. Phone. I am in all week next week.

The new training dates are available. Listed under the Training sessions
name and the 'upcoming events'

Speak to you all soon

Naomi Johnson
Student Training and Development Advisor

Swansea University Students Union
Telephone: 01792 295652

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