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Tue May 24 15:59:50 BST 2005

Dear Societies,

The news you have been waiting for!!!

And the nominations are:

...but before I get to that I have important things to tell you. The
Society Awards will be held in the Dolphin Hotel on the 6th June. For £7
you get a buffet and free entry into TIME (but stay for a bop with us
first). Tickets are on sale at the ENTS box office now. Please could you
buy your tickets ASAP and  not leave it to the day like last year because
that is why we didn't have enough food believe it or not! We had only sold
two thirds of the tickets by lunch time that day so we cut the number of
people for the buffet and then you all decided to come along and we sold

Please encourage your friends to come along and of course all your society
members. Really push for them to come as to be included could result in
them having more involvement next year and even running for a committee
position in the future. Its a nice way to bond everyone together with the
Society and its success at the forefront.

I can't wait to see you all there. For those of you who haven't read
previous emails that will be my last week. Saying goodbye to you all with
a party!! But you'll see me again for sure!!

Run run run and get your tickets now as there is only 9 day left to get
tickets!!! ahahh

Ok thats all from me -

And the nominations are:

Most consistent -has provided regular activities consistently throughout
the year for the enjoyment of the majority of the society.






Duke of Edinburgh

Students Against the War

Drinking Wine Society

Best variety of events – has provided its membership with high quality and
varied event to the enjoyment of its members.


Students Against the War


Most Innovative – has used new and interesting ways to promote the society
and attract people to its events and become members.

RAG – Pink Waterfront

Conservation – for painting people green

Irish for St Paddy’s Day

Italian, Spanish, French, German for ‘United or Divided’

Best Publicity – in regard to a particular event or the society in general.

Dance for ‘Spotlight’

Alternative Rock for ‘Alternative Rock Night’ (s)

Drama for Midsummer Nights Dream

HEAL for HEAL events

Best New Society – has developed to a high standard having started up
since March 2004

HEAL (Healthy Eating and Lifestyle)





Most Improved – has shown remarkable improvement in contrast to the
previous academic year.





Best Social Event – created a well publicised and well attended social
event using creativity and effort

Yoga for the Celtic Manor

Rag for the Beer Race

Crazy and Visual Arts plus friends for ‘May Day’

Conservation for ‘Flirt’

Kernow and Psychology for ‘Cornish Pasty Night’

Best Educational Event – has educated its membership body effectively in
regards to it subject area at a well attended and well publicised event.

Media Society for Manchester Careers Fair

Conservation for ‘Outdoor Survival Day’

Islamic for Islamophobia

52% and Drama for Vagina Monologues

Best society – has performed consistently throughout the year building on
past successes, taking risks and providing its members with a variety of
high standard, well attended events or activities.





Most supportive – has made an invaluable contribution to a minority group
within the community by providing supportive, friendly and welcoming

Islamic Society

Asian Society


Most efficient –  has run with ease and efficiency without wasting time,
effort or expense.










Best Cultural Event – has introduced members and non-members to their
unique culture through a fun and enjoyable event

Rag and Amnesty for ‘International Day Against Violence Against Women’

Multi Cultural Society for ‘Afro Carb Night’

Italian, Spanish, French, German for ‘United or Divided’

Best Website – has used the website to communicate effectively with its
members, keeping it up to date throughout the year and is user friendly.

To be announced

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