[SUCS Devel] PuTTY installer

Graham Cole chckens at sucs.org
Sat Dec 15 00:23:18 GMT 2007

On 23 Oct 2007, at 17:18, Graham Cole wrote:

> We've recently been discussing on Milliways how to distribute copies
> of PuTTY to members with saner paste behaviour (i.e. not "right click
> = numpty" by default).
> I'd like to put an installer like this on the website so we can point
> new members to it.

I've had a go at putting together an installer, though not yet tested  
it to destruction. It includes PuTTY and a VNC client, and installs  
registry entries for PuTTY's default right mouse button behaviour  
(windows-like, right click = menu) and charset (UTF-8). The present  
version is at http://sucs.org/~chckens/sucstools.exe

... anyone brave/foolhardy enough to give it a spin and let me know  
what you think?

I've partially written up how this installer was made at https:// 
projects.sucs.org/projects/staff/wiki/sucstools in case this is useful.

- Graham

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