[SUCS Devel] Webcam applet

Andrew Price welshbyte at sucs.org
Wed Oct 17 20:43:14 BST 2007

I've written the beginnings of a java applet which displays images
streamed from motion. At the moment it's minimal, just displaying image
frames as they're streamed. The code is a bit ugly (lack of comments
particularly, and some uncaught exceptions) but it's fairly small and
should be easy to figure out.

I've tested it with motion on my PC but it can't use the webcam.sucs.org
stream because it's on a different host and java applets can't open
connections to hosts that they're not hosted on themselves due to some
applet security policy fluff. So if we sort that out maybe we could use
it on the website and get some cs students working on it (think fun
effects learnt from the graphics course, etc.).

Anyhoo, it's all in ~welshbyte/public_html/sucscam/* with an example
index.html. I'll happily GPL it if there's enough interest and perhaps
add it to projects.sucs.org. I've already taken the liberty of naming
the package org.sucs.webcam so it's heading in that direction.

Andy "unlikely to meet the initial document deadline" Price

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