[SUCS Devel] Webcam applet

Andrew Price welshbyte at sucs.org
Wed Oct 17 23:00:03 BST 2007

Chris Jones wrote:
> Andrew Price wrote:
>> I've tested it with motion on my PC but it can't use the webcam.sucs.org
>> stream because it's on a different host and java applets can't open
>> connections to hosts that they're not hosted on themselves due to some
>> applet security policy fluff.
> The security fluff goes away if the applet is signed (as I remember), or
> of course we can simply host it under the webcam.sucs.org vhost.

I did look into that but signing it didn't seem to fix it. It was all a
bit confusing and uninteresting to me so maybe I did it wrongly.

> One question, how is this applet going to be better/different than the
> one we used before?

It's pretty much going to be the same (webcam applets aren't that
featureful after all), however, here are some advantages:

- Possible to add fun new features eg image filters activated by widgets
- Cambozola seems old and unmaintained (issues with compiling with new
- Another open source project to put our name to
- We really need at least 1 java sucs project for members to work on
- The .jar file is almost 1/4 the size at the moment so it loads faster
  in browsers.

Need I go on? :)

Andy Price

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