[SUCS Devel] SUCS Blog System/Planet

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Tue Dec 30 22:09:56 GMT 2014

On 30/12/2014 21:54, Chris Jones wrote:
> What is the benefit of getting rid of it? As i see it the cost of keeping it is pretty much zero.

It prone to spam, see the link I posted in the original email. I'm also 
not sure how secure it all is (the other week I had found a validation 
function that was just returning true all the time), it's just more code 
that that needs going over and checking. I don't see the point of doing 
so when it's a dead feature.

Maybe we could archive the content and display it and say when we used 
to have a blog system this is what was on there but not allow anyone to 
comment it, edit it or anything. Because that's just a couple of select 

Imran Hussain

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