[SUCS Devel] Website reorganisation

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Tue Apr 7 17:41:57 BST 2015


We seem to be getting somewhere in terms of design/layout. However 
something that has come up is content and what content to have and where.

The current site menu looks like this:

--Mailing Lists
--Desktop on Demand
--Video Streaming
--Shame List
--SU Signups and Renewals
--Page Map
--SUCS Exec Trac
--LAN Events

There are pages such as https://sucs.org/Options that aren't linked to 
from the menu, plus there are loads of little hidden pages from links in 
the main content of pages that are 2 levels deep anyway 

We need to sort this out. If anyone has a ideas on a new menu structure 
then email devel@

Also what do peopel think of my design so far? It's far from finished, 
it's a very quick and rough prototype: https://sucs.org/~imranh/test/sucs/

Imran Hussain

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