[SUCS Devel] Inline site editor / wiki software

Laurence Sebastian Bowes elbows at sucs.org
Wed Apr 22 00:57:17 BST 2015

We are at a loss as to whether to have an inline editor for the new site 
or separate wiki software for all members to be given priviliges by 
default to access (as a replacement for the old knowledge section)

We are leaning towards leaving the wiki idea and just having different 
levels of access for editing the main site and the knowledge section
Current candidates for editors (things we like):

http://ckeditor.com/                (~unreturnable loves this one)
http://www.tinymce.com        (the current old one)

Wiki software that I think would work is either phpwiki or pmwiki.

There is also the option of having both, and having the main site use an 
editor and also having a wiki, although it would probably be too much 



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