[SUCS Devel] Gitlab

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Mon Jun 1 14:26:38 BST 2015


SUCS currently offers members svn and trac.

I say we start using Gitlab as well.

This is not about going from svn to git but about offering gitlab.

Gitlab is able to offers us (as a whole society) better workflow for 
certain types of projects.

For example, the sucs site svn. If you're a new member and want to get 
involved with the current redesign currently you have to checkout the 
code and start editing, and you can't make commits, so for starters 
members can't even version control their own changes, what's the point 
in having version control? If we are forcing people to do stupid stuff 
like main.css.bak, main.css.old, main.css.orginal etc...

We could give every tom, dick, and harry commit access but that means 
they'd be able to push god knows what to the live branch. I'd rather 

We can just ask them to email patches to the devel list but that 
doesn't sort the problem of them being able to track their own changes 
on their local copy. Also what if they want to make a big change to the 

On Gitlab, if you wanted to get involved with the sucssite, you'd click 
fork on the web interface, clone(checkout) your fork, makes your 
changes, and then go back on the web interface and make a merge request 
for a set of commits you've made.

Another use case is if a member wants to setup a private svn/trac thing 
for them and some of their mates.

Currently with svn and trac the user has to create the svn repo, then 
setup a trac instance, and then email admin@ asking the admin team to 
setup the permissions for it because only people with sudo on silver can 
edit things in /etc/apache2/

Gitlab lets them do this all by themselves without them having to ever 
email admin at . It gives the person who created the repo admin privs over 
it so they can setup their own access permission to it.

As of writing gitlab has already been setup to be feature parity with 
our current svn/trac/apache setup.

Imran Hussain

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