[SUCS Devel] [Git][sucssite/sucs-site][master] Make improvements based on feedback from tswsl1989

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Tue Oct 6 23:40:30 BST 2015

Imran Hussain pushed to branch master at sucssite / sucs-site

47ca4f1b by Imran Hussain at 2015-10-06T23:35:11Z
Make improvements based on feedback from tswsl1989

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1 changed file:

- components/susignup.php


--- a/components/susignup.php
+++ b/components/susignup.php
@@ -32,8 +32,11 @@ if(!empty($_REQUEST['sid'])&&!empty($_REQUEST['transactionID'])){
 	// check if the data posted is valid
-		// check to see if they are already a valid and paid member
+		// probe the db for some info thatwe want to use in the if statements below
 		$tmpresult = $sucsDB->Execute("SELECT * FROM members WHERE sid=?", array($sid));
+		$singuptmpresult = $sucsDB->Execute("SELECT * FROM signup WHERE sid=?", array($sid));
+		// check to see if they are already a valid and paid member
 		if($tmpresult->fields["sid"] == $sid && $tmpresult->fields["paid"] == paidUntil(time())){
 			// let them know they are already signed up and renewed
 			message_flash("You are a numpty and have already signed up and paid for this year.");
@@ -44,7 +47,7 @@ if(!empty($_REQUEST['sid'])&&!empty($_REQUEST['transactionID'])){
 			// let them know that their account has been renewed
 			message_flash("Your SUCS account has been renewed.");
 		// else if they aren't in the SUCS DB but have a signup slip, take them back to that part of signup
-		$singuptmpresult = $sucsDB->Execute("SELECT * FROM signup WHERE sid=?", array($sid));
+		// I don't know how you would end up in a state like this but the old code dealt with it so I will as well
 		} else if ($tmpresult->fields == false && $signuptmpresult->fields["sid"] == $sid) {
 			$mode = "form";
@@ -59,7 +62,7 @@ if(!empty($_REQUEST['sid'])&&!empty($_REQUEST['transactionID'])){
 			$smarty->assign("pass", $pass);
 		} else {
 			// they should never get here
-			echo("fuck you");
+			die("You'll see this if there has been a database error. Someone probably knows and is trying to fix it. Sorry.");
 	} else {
 		trigger_error("That Student Number and Transaction ID combo are invalid.", E_USER_ERROR);

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