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Remove some old stuff from the repo

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2 changed files:

- − ChangeLog
- − db_changes/sucssite-0.3.sql


ChangeLog deleted
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,33 +0,0 @@
-2008-01-29 - Version 0.3 "Logged Out"
-Sessions now last a lot longer and are more secure to boot (chckens)
-Library admin component allows adding books (chckens, eventually)
-Bananas component shelved in favour of Members component for most things (chckens)
-Don't list societies with no website in the societies website list (chckens)
-Pastebin now redirects to url of pasted item to prevent confusion (chckens)
-News article summary can now deal with new lines in the first paragraph (chckens)
-2007-10-28 - Version 0.2 "Oktoberfest"
-Options component now allows users to change their hackergotchi (aeternus)
-Pastebin now lets you view a plaintext version of pastes (aeternus)
-Simple password security checks added to hopefully prevent weak passwords (chckens)
-Members page now displays this academic year's banana leaderboard (chckens)
-2007-09-25 - Version 0.1 "Ferocious Freshers"
-First actual version with a number, below are some recent changes:
-New member options component!
-- MAC registration, contact details editing (aeternus)
-- Password changing (chckens)
-- Groups display, hackergotchi display (dez)
-Beginnings of generic error handling support (chckens)
-Improved usability of ShortURI interface (patch from davea)
-Layout tweaks to defend against long titles (dez)
-Fix calculation for banana summaries on Member pages (chckens)

db_changes/sucssite-0.3.sql deleted
--- a/db_changes/sucssite-0.3.sql
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,5 +0,0 @@
-DELETE FROM session;
-ALTER TABLE session ADD COLUMN logintime timestamp(0) without time zone;
-ALTER TABLE session ADD COLUMN lastseen timestamp(0) without time zone;
-DELETE FROM menu WHERE title='Bananas';

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