Forest of Dean, and Christmas Dinner (again!)

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Tue Dec 2 17:58:09 GMT 2003

Hi Guys!
ok, the last week of term is rapidly approaching (well, probably not any more rapidly than usual, but it feels that way when there are deadlines...)
and so is the last walk of term, and the Christmas Dinner!
This weekend (Sunday 7th December) we're going back to England (just), and walking in the lovely Forest of Dean just over the border. A gentle A grade forest walk (obvious really!!!) with some fantastic views. If you've not been walking in a few weeks (or at all- where have you been?) then this is your last chance before the Christmas holidays. Costing around £3.50 - £4.00, it's a perfect opportunity to get away from those deadlines for a day!
Then, (as if I hadn't mentioned it before) it's time for the Christmas Dinner!!! (drum roll, applause, etc...) On Monday 8th December (NB: note changed date) we're all off to the Oxwich Bay Hotel (transport included) for an evening of eating, drinking and general merry-making! What better way to round off the term than a fantastic meal and lively disco with the wonderful people of the hiking club! And if the last two years are anything to go by, an enjoyable time will be had by all (check out the message board and pictures on the website: At only £15 for all the above, how can you refuse? Get your ticket from sign ups this week (Wednesday and Friday 12.00 - 1.00) or email ASAP. We need to know definate numbers by Friday evening, so don't delay!
Have a great Christmas, not that I need to say that, cos we're gonna see you all this week for the walk and Christmas dinner ;-)
Sarah :)

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