Pen-y-Fan, Exmoor weekend and the AGM

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Welcome to another fantastic term of hiking! Hope you all had a good Christmas break, and the exams weren't too stressfull!
So, what's going on this term then? Well, coming up in the not too distant future, there's the unmissable Snowdon weekend, and the social event of the term, the annual hiking club Ceilidh. But there's tons of stuff happening before then to get involved in.
We kick off this Sunday 1st February with our first walk of the term, to Pen-y-Fan, the highest peak in the Brecon Beacons, and a must for all you keen hikers out there! This C walk is challenging, but oh so rewarding when you make it to the top, and a snip at only £3.50! Sign ups are as usual, Wednesday and Friday, between 12.00 and 1.00 in JC's. 
If you've been looking at your walks programme, you'll have noticed that the weekend trip to Exmoor is coming up in a couple of weeks (Friday 13th - Sunday 15th February). Official sign up for this weekend will be next Tuesday 3rd February in JC's at 6.00pm, cost £25 as usual.
If you can't make it on Tuesday, let us know at sign ups this week, or by email. Deadline to get your place is 9th February.
Looking ahead even further, the AGM (annual general meeting) of the club is not far away. This the one of the most important events in our calender, when we say goodbye to the old committee <sniff!> and vote in another lot of enthusiatic people to run the club for the next year! Yippee!Exciting eh? There's more. As a club member, not only can you vote, YOU can stand for a position yourself! So, if you want to be involved, here's how.
Decide on the position you want to stand for. Find yourself someone to nominate you, and someone to second the nomination. Tell the committee your name and the names of your nominator and seconder. Turn up on the night and pursuade people to vote for you!!!
Nominations open Monday 2nd February, and close Monday 16th February, so get thinking about it!
And, just so you know, the positions available are;
Chair: public face of the club, organises meetings, makes sure everyone else knows what they're supposed to be doing and when. Has the unenviable task of having to (appear to) know everything! Previous committee experience necessary.
Vice-chair: second-in-command, takes over when the chair doesn't turn up, which isn't often ;) Also responsible for booking transport for walks, and looking after all the clubs kit.
Treasurer: looks after the money, makes sure we don't spend it all at once, and that we stay on the right side of the AU!
Secretary: takes minutes at meetings, and responsible for booking pubs for Sunday walks, so they know we're coming.
Social secretary: kind of self explanatory really, organises socials. Books venues, turns up, socialises...
Publicity secretary : Hey, that's me! Erm, the hugely important task of keeping the club members informed of whats happening, otherwise they don't know when to turn up! Generally annoys people with lots of long, rambling emails...
Webmaster: maintains the clubs fantastic website, weekly updating walks and socials, and making sure its running smoothly.
Ok, that's all for this week, have fun,
Sarah :)

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