LazerZone Social and Rhinogs Signup

UWS Hiking hiking at
Mon Feb 28 19:51:15 GMT 2005

Hi guys and girls!
Just a quick reminder that Tuesday evening is the sign up for our weekend away to the Rhinogs which will hopefully be running, if we can sort out a hiccup with the transport. 
We will be in JC's at 6pm, and as usual we're operating on a first come first served basis.

Afterwards we're off to Lazerzone, you can join us in JC's at 6:30pm, Walkabout from 7:30pm or at Lazerzone for 8pm. We're playing 2 games which will cost £5.50 (Remember your student cards.. Afterwards Izzy will be leading us on to the bank statement (or what ever they call it these days)

'Grandad' Chris :)

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