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Happy New Year to you all! 
Hope you all had a good Christmas break, and have come back ready for some top quality hiking this term! Beginning this weekend we've got some fantastic walks planned, from the challenging Lord Hereford's Knob (no laughing!) to the stunning Glamorgan Heritage Coast, it's all happening, so don't miss out! And to liven things up a little we've a few socials too, including an alphabetical pub crawl and beer-hunting in clyne gardens, not to mention the spectacular spectacle that is the Ceilidh (no, I haven't gone mad, all will be revealed!). So don't go anywhere or you'll miss all the fun!
Anyway, first things first, this Sunday 23rd January, we start with a gentle A graded wander to Caerphilly Castle, through the countryside north of Cardiff, taking in, unsurprisingly, a castle by Caerphilly! A nice easy start to the year, and a bargain at £3.50. Sign ups this week as usual (12.30 -1.30 Wednesday and Friday in JC's).
Now for news of the major event of this term, the Hiking Club AGM! This is when we wave goodbye to the old committee who've served the club for the last year (or more in some cases...) and welcome in a new lot of enthusiastic hikers in whose capable hands we leave the running of the club! The AGM will take place on February 8th, in Divas Green Room. So, here's what happens...
Nominations are recieved in advance for each of the committee positions, which are then voted on by the club members at the AGM. Nominations are invited for all 7 committee positions (detailed below), from any club member who will be in Swansea for at least another year from February (ie, till the next AGM). So, if you want to stand for a position, you will need a proposer and a seconder, who need to be club members, and you need to give your details to a committee member by the close of nominations which is Monday 7th February. At the AGM you will then need to give a short speech saying who you are and why you want to take that position and why you would be good at it.
Being on the committe does require a certain level of committment to the club, and to taking part, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun! The satisfaction of being involved and making things happen makes it all worthwhile. And you'll always manage to have a laugh at the same time! So, if you think you're up to it, or know someone who is, get those nominations in now (but do check with people before nominating them!).
The committee consists of...
Chairman: The public face of the club, chairs and writes agendas for committee meetings, and makes sure all other committee members know what they should be doing and when. And does all the jobs that aren't covered by another committee member, or which no one else wants to do!!! Being chairman is harder than it appears from the outside (ask those that have done it!) and does require a certain amount of knowledge of the workings of the club, therefore previous committee experience is definately an advantage.
Vice-Chair: The chairman's second in command, takes over when the chair doesn't turn up to meetings or walks (which isn't very often ;)). The vice chair's main job is booking the transport for walks and weekends away, which means dealing with the AU, and looking after the club kit (a large room is an advantage!) and bringing it along to walks.
Treasurer: Holder of the club piggy bank, though this isn't quite as good as it sounds. The treasurer pays in the MPF's (the money you all pay to go on walks) to the AU each week, and keeps the clubs account in order (and in positive figures!). Also responsible for saying no if the chair has any wild expensive schemes!!!
Secretary: AKA chief scribe, takes minutes at the meetings, so that a record is kept of all decisions made for any interested club member who wants to read them (or for when the Chair forgets what we decided last week...). The secretary is also responsible for booking the accommodation for weekends away, and ringing the pubs we visit on Sundays to warn them that a load of hikers are going to descend!
Social Secretary: This role is fairly self explanatory, the social sec's role is to organise, and book all the socials during the year, the major one being the Christmas dinner which can take a lot of organising! 
Publicity secretary: The clubs head of propaganda who keeps all club members up to date via weekly emails, and the club notice board, which (when it's up to date) will have posters with details of upcoming walks, socials and weekends away.
Webmaster: Our very own spiderman who looks after the club website, and keeps it up to date. The webmasters main task is updating the home page each week with the next walk and social, and uploading the newsletter twice a year.
OK, that's all for now. Have fun
Sarah :)

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