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Wed Sep 28 19:12:37 BST 2005

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Welcome back!
Hope you all had great summer and are looking forward to getting back  
down to work, and another year of great hiking of course!

Rejoining the club...
To rejoin the club you first have to rejoin the AU, you can they are  
at the back of the big Freshers Fair tent tomorrow, or in the AU  
office anytime.
You can join The Hiking Club at Our Freshers Fair stand, or at the  
normal signups, between 12:30 and 13:30 on Wednesday and Fridays. Or  
one of the next few socials.

The walks and socials programs are available online at http:// 
uwshiking.org.uk/walks and http://uwshiking.org.uk/socials respectively.

Walks start this Sunday with Rhosilli to Port Eynon.

Next Tuesday is the first Social of term, the Annual Equipment Trip.  
This is your chance to make sure you are fully equipped for the year  
ahead or to buy those items you have always wanted at a great  
discount.  Afterwards, it will be off to the pub for a drink and a  
chance to get to see both old and new faces and of course the  
committee! We will be meeting in the quiet side of JC's at 5pm or at  
the quadrant bus station for 6pm.

Hope to see you all soon!

Chris :)

Chris Jones, Hiking Club Chairman

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