[Hiking] Tigger's social event, Woebley Castle and Xmas dinner

Andrew Sprules publicity at uwshiking.org.uk
Tue Nov 21 13:07:07 GMT 2006

Hello hikers,

Are you broke? Are you bored of going to pubs and getting drunk? If you
are then come to Tigger’s place this Wednesday at 7pm! Where we will watch
Monty Python and the Holy Grail while eating tacos and burritos! And
having a good old friendly social chat! This is a great chance to hang out
with your hiking friends in a quiet friendly and non-pub atmosphere! If
you want to come along, get to Tigger’s (Julia’s) house at 104A Eaton
Crescent, it’s a bungalow on the right at the bottom of a drive, for 7pm.
If, like me, you have no idea where that is then get to JCs for 6:30pm,
where as a group you can all walk to Tigger’s house.

This Sunday’s walk takes us to Woebley Castle which takes in the best of
the Gower's North coast, and also gives you a chance to look round a well
preserved castle to. This is a grade B1 and will cost £2.50. Come along to
the usual sign-ups on Wednesday and Friday 12:30-1:30pm in JCs, and
remember to pay as you sign-up for the walk!

And at the sign-ups you can collect a discount card for Leisure Quest,
this gives you a 15% discount at Leisure Quest, so come along to the
sign-up and collect your card!

And buy your Christmas dinner tickets to! This is £20 and covers a three
course meal, transport and a cheesy disco! The location is Oxwich Bay
Hotel with Archery and SSWIGS and is a black tie and ball gown event. Buy
your tickets this week; it’s your last chance if you don’t have a ticket
already as money has to be paid to Oxwich Bay Hotel next week. A menu is
also available to choose what you would like on the night. Come to
sign-ups and buy your ticket!

Hope to see you all at sign-ups and at Tigger’s house tomorrow evening!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Swansea University Hiking Club

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