[Hiking] See you at freshers fair!!

Chris Laidler chrislaidler at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Sep 18 15:08:16 BST 2006


Well to those of you not coming back to uni this year this is the last email 
you will recieve from me unless you have specifically requested to be on the 
mailing list. If you have no plans to join the club this year but would 
still like to recieve our eamils please reply to this message.

Okay, just a few last points before the start of term. The socials calender 
will be going up on the website some time this afternoon after I've sent 
this email, we have a lot going on this year so take a look.

As regards walk prices, well it appears this issue which so many of you 
emailed me about, came from a misprint. Tim Stickley (AU president) has no 
plans to raise prices that high. In fact he has no plans to raise prices at 
all, however he did add that he needs to convince the athletic unioin 
finance committee of this. It does seem likely they may seriously consider a 
rise, especially as walk prices have not risen for a number of years despite 
rising costs of fuel etc. It would therefore not be surprising, or unfair of 
them, if they did decide to rise prices slightly even if Tim Stickley does 
not want to. Anyway the main point is that if there is a price rise it 
should only be a quid or two. The finance committtee may have already met 
but I've not heard anything as yet. Lets just hope nothing chnages!

Tshirts, we have a small number left from last year, if you'd like another 
one contact me with your size and colour preference and I'll get back to 
you. Alan and Izzy, you ordered one each and never collected them, do you 
still want them? If not they'll be sold on.

Well i think thats about it, hope to see most of you all at freshers fair, 
enjoy your last weeks holiday! :)


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