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HERRIDGE A.J. (360738) A.J.HERRIDGE.360738 at swansea.ac.uk
Thu Apr 12 12:50:58 BST 2007

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is having a good holiday and eating loads of chocolate!
Firstly I would like to remind everyone to get collecting sponsorship for our sponsored walk along Gower. If you have not signed up but would still like to come along, please email me so that I can add your name to the the list. A sponsorship form is downloadable from here: http://www.hiking.org.uk/downloads/Gower%20Sponsorship%20Form.pdf
The Glamorgan Heritage Coast walk is mainly along a beach, and so anyone brave enough should bring/wear something to swim in! The walking highlights of the year are the Ystradfellte hike and the Snowdon Summer Trip - So clear your diaries!
Socials wise we have more exciting events: The highlights being the night hike and bbq at Caswell and Orientbeering. Remember: Everyone needs a break from a work every so often around exam time ;-)
See you all after the holidays!
P.s. Hoodies will be ordered shortly after we get back so last orders and, if possible, money pls!
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