[Hiking] Night Hike

HERRIDGE A.J. (360738) A.J.HERRIDGE.360738 at swansea.ac.uk
Thu May 3 11:58:22 BST 2007

Hullo again guys (and gals),
I'm sorry about yet another email (the last one appears to ahve been sent 7 or so times...), but I need to advertise the night hike and BBQ next TUESDAY (8th May). 
This is a brilliant social event that involves a short 1 and a half hour stroll in the evening sun from Three Cliffs to Caswell Bay. At Caswell we will be having a BBQ and bonfire where marshmallows shall be toasted and much hilarity will be enjoyed! The archery club will be joining us because they allowed us to try out their past time earlier in the year. As usual you can check out photos from previous years on the website.
The need to buy food makes sign up for this event essential - Or we cannot guarantee food :-P You can sign up on Friday as usual or email me if you cannot make it. 
I hope to see as many of you as possible there!
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