[Hiking] Neath Valley and Start of Term Drinks

Alex Herridge chair at uwshiking.org.uk
Mon Oct 1 11:51:27 BST 2007

Hullo hikers!

I hope everyone enjoyed the hike on Sunday, and for those of you who
didn't go, it doesn't matter cos it always gets better!

I have convinced the AU to give us a minibus as well as a coach for next
sunday so there are now another 12 places to go to the Neath Valley. There
will be sign ups as normal to fill these - JCs 12.30 -> 1.30 on the coffee
side on Wednesday and Friday. First come first served! This walk will
appeal especially to old members cos it is totally brand new!

The first social of the term is on Tuesday (not Wednesday as it says in
the newsletter) at 7pm in JCs. A chance to get to know the new hikers this
year and say hello to old members if you were here last year!

One important note for next Sunday though is that we will NOT be pemitting
Jeans or trainers on the walk. You must wear light trousers and walking
boots (i.e. something with ankle support). If you have any questions
please email me or come along to a sign up.


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