[Hiking] Peaks Weekend Info

Alex Herridge chair at uwshiking.org.uk
Tue Oct 16 19:55:37 BST 2007

Hello folks,

This email only applies if you are going to the Peak District!
We have finally established the true numbers that can be accommodated. We
can take 18 people. That means that everyone on the list can go except the
last 2 people on the list (I'll email you separately to confirm!). It
would be very much appreciated if those of you who have not paid or have
only paid a deposit could bring payment to sign up on Wednesday or Friday.

The minibus will be leaving Uni at 4pm from the service road between Union
House and Fulton House (below the walk ways). If you cannot make this we
have a car going as well and this can wait until people have finished
lectures - Please let me know if this is you!

You will need to bring: A sleeping bag, a roll mat. You can bring a stove
if you wish as there are no cooking facilities (most people will aim to
eat on the way on Friday and in a Pub on Saturday). Food will also be
needed for lunches, breakfasts etc. Note that there is no fridge though,
but I am (very kindly) lending the club my toaster! Normal hiking stuff...

If anyone needs to borrow any kit pls tell me ASAP so that I can arrange
this. Any other problems, please let me know ASAP as well!


Swansea University Hiking Club

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