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Sorry if you've all had this already, not sure if it got forwarded! Karl's parties are always fun!


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Hello Hiking Club! Hoping you all had a great Yule and New Year and equally, that the exams have/are going well.

As some of you may have been aware I'm having a party on Saturday 26th to celebrate amongst other things, the end of the exams, the start of what looks to be a fantastic year in Swansea, Mars going into retrograde, the ever increasing daylight hours, a great hangover from the previous night's partying or whatever reason you can imagine for coming round on Saturday for bit of a knees up amongst friends, even if you haven't met them yet! The greatest congregation will be of Hiking Club members past and present so come and find out what happens after it all and catch up with all those you'll be walking with over the next year. My doors are open to all and you'll be most welcome - bring your friends.

Kick-off will be around about 8pm and weather depending, there will be a BBQ so feel free to bring a round of sausages and I've been promised some flaming juggling balls which I'm particularly looking forward to. Bring a bottle and see in the new semester in style!

The house is in the Uplands so should make for easy stumbling home. Standing facing the Uplands Tavern, walk left 50m (away from town) where you'll come to a road on the right with Lloyds bank on the far corner. Walk up this road another 50m and we're No.3, the third door on the left after the confines of the bank. Couldn't be easier so you should have no excuse. (Aim to use the same route in reverse to get home).

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Saturday!



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No sign of it, did you send it to hikinglist at lists.sucs.org?  Ah well, may
I suggest you reply to this email and it will then get to ALex & myself
and one of us can forward it.  Sorry for the confusion.

I hope the party goes well,

ps. was in the Taliesin last night watching Brick Lane, hence hanging up
on you!

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Here you go Karl..

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Hi there,

Happy New Year to you all,

Many of you will know Maria Martinez from the walks this year. Her
housemates Daphne & Annette would like to arrange a surprise birthday
party for her on the 25th January. They were wondering if some members of
the hiking club would like to celebrate this day with Maria. Daphne and
Annette would appreciate it if you could send a reply to them at
didibonze at hotmail.com to let them know you are coming. This will let them
know how many people to prepare for.

ps. It is a secret so DON'T TELL MARIA! :D  She hasn't had this email...

All the best,
Martin, webmaster

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Swansea University Hiking Club
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Find out more on our website (updated daily)

Swansea University Hiking Club
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Find out more on our website (updated daily)

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