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Jack Jones publicity at uwshiking.org.uk
Wed Jan 30 12:46:47 GMT 2008

hello hikers,

Next Walk:  Chepstow - Tintern Abbey   Sunday 3rd February

Grade: A1; Cost: £5

Meet: Times as per normal: 9 Uplands Spar, 9.05 outside Student Village,
9.15 campus. Sign up: JC's 12.30-1.30 Wed & Friday

An old favourite along the border between England and Wales with wonderful
views over the Wye Valley. We end at Tintern Abbey itself (well, the pub
next door...). See you at sign-up

sorry to be blunt but if you turn up wearing trainers or without
waterproofs you won't be coming with us. If it rains or if you twist your
ankle (which happened last year and we had to call mountain rescue out)we
feel really really bad and end up crying and rocking in the corner. You
would'nt want that on your conscience would you!


bring some ingredients.

SHROPSHIRE - 8TH TO 10TH FEBRUARY- sign up this week and next week if
there is any spaces left.
£35 to stay in a very nice youth hostel, lots of character, in the middle
of nowhere, cooking facilities.

see it at:   


Wednesday 20th February - AGM -

This is your chance to stand for a position on the committee and have a
say in the club. You don't have to have any skills already. We can teach
you. There are also positions for all types of people from the outgoing
Social Sec to the Secretary or Webmaster who never have to show their face
in public! Check out the Committee page for who is in the current

see you all soon


Swansea University Hiking Club

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