[Hiking] Lake District and the Hiking Year

Martin Lilley chair at uwshiking.org.uk
Thu Jun 5 16:01:19 BST 2008

Dear All,

Thanks to everyone who has come out on walks this year and made the club
the happy community it is. I wish you all a great summer holiday.
Congratulations if you are graduating or heading home after a year in
Swansea, we hope you will join the Alumni group (see
http://alumni.uwshiking.org.uk) and come back to see us in the near
future.  For those of you coming back in the Autumn we look forward to
seeing you all again and going hiking together. If anyone has any comments
or views on walks they have liked and disliked over the course of the year
please let us know. We will be deciding the program for next year in a
couple of days time!

Freshers Week is the 22nd to the 26th September – see you in the marquee!!!

The last event of this year is the Lake District. We leave on Sunday
morning and come back Friday evening this week. There is one space
available if someone has found a space in their diary, please phone me
(see below).
If we could all meet in the middle of Brynmill on the junction of Bernard
Street and Rhyddings Terrace at 8.30 then we should be able to head up to
the Lakes and arrive at a sensible time.  I will be popping round to pick
up Katherine (8.10am outside your block), Pete (8.15-8.20 at the
roundabout at the top of the long hill up to Townhill) and Ioan (can you
let me know where you want to meet?) in advance of this time.

Don’t forget a sleepingbag and a pillow, a pan for cooking in and stove
(if you have one). The club has bought some gas to go with the stoves. We
will be stopping closer to Cockermouth to get supplies so bring what you
need for the journey, plus your usual walking things, towel, suncream,
toothbrush etc.  Any CDs for the minibus will add to the collections of
the drivers.  It should be a great trip, which I have been looking forward
to for months.  If you have any questions please get in touch with me by
phone (07812 681260) or email.

Have a great summer,
Martin Lilley
Chairman, Swansea University Hiking Club

chair at hiking.org.uk

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