[Hiking] Rhinogs - Cancelled Again

Martin Lilley chair at uwshiking.org.uk
Fri Mar 7 09:36:37 GMT 2008

Hi guys,

It is with immense frustration that I must report on the cancellation of
the Rhinogs trip again. For the details see below. Please come and see us
at sign-up today or next week (Wed & Friday 12.30-13.30 JCs) for a refund.

Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to the trip,
Our next walk is after Easter,

Martin, Chairman

The details:
We recieved notice last night of a sudden influx of British Universities
Sports Associasion (BUSA) matches for this weekend. BUSA matches take
priority on minibuses over normal club activities. The short notice is
particularly frustrating. I tried to arrange a replacement minibus this
morning, but have had no luck due to the Wales Ireland rugby match in
Dublin this weekend. Consequentially I had no option but to cancel the
weekend's activities.
In future we will have to look seriously at the costs of private hire of a
minibus to prevent this situation happening again.

Swansea University Hiking Club

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