[Hiking] This weeks social!!! (plus more..)

Amy Brook social at uwshiking.org.uk
Mon Nov 17 20:01:42 GMT 2008

Hey everyone!
I had a paul moment yesterday and completely forgot to send the social
e-mail, but here it is. Better late than never :)

This week we are taking a trip down Wind Street. Starting with a few quiet
drinks in Mambos and moving on to Wind Street for a pudding for those of
us with a sweet tooth. This will then be followed by lots of drinking
alongside the usual cheesy reflex dancing which will definitely make for a
very fun night!!

Also as an additional to this, Max's (you may or may not know him but that
doesn't matter) birthday is this week and he has asked me to mention this
to you all. He is having a party at his house tomorrow night (TUESDAY) at
56 Argyle Street. I will be attending so if you need help getting there,
it can be arranged to head there as a group!

Hope to see you all at both of them!!

Lots of love
your Social Sec

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