[Hiking] Socials, Socials, Socials!!!

Amy Brook social at uwshiking.org.uk
Sun Oct 26 09:51:21 GMT 2008

This week, all you hikers out there are lucky enough to get TWO socials!!! :P
Along with Fridays night hike which you should all already know about (and
be signing up for!!) we have now also decided to hold a social midweek as

This TUESDAY (i remembered to put the day in this time :P), we plan to
take a visit to Pub on the Pond (right next to uni) for a lovely meal! The
meals are usually 2 for £10 so it works out very cheap for the delicious
you actually get! :D and there is also a pool table, a well known hiking
club favourite!
Once we have finished eating, we will then decide what we want to do next.

Also this Friday, as you are all already aware, we will be taking our
first night hike of the year! The cost is £2.50 and you have to sign up
for this as there are limited spaces on the mini bus to take us there.
Fancy dress is optional, but I for one will certainly be dressing up and I
reccommend you do too as it adds to the fun of the hike! There may also be
a prize for the best costume so make sure yours is good! :D

Just to confirm:
Tuesdays Social: Meet at 6pm outside Fulton (we can walk over to pub on
the pond together, but don't be late!)

Fridays Social: Meeting time will be sent out in the e-mail from James!

Hope to see you all there!!

Lots of love
Your Social Sec

Swansea University Hiking Club

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