[Hiking] Spaces for St. Davids and meeting in Uplands Diner

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Fri Apr 24 19:16:21 BST 2009

Hi everyone,

If you missed sign up this week we still have plenty of space for this
Sunday's walk to St Davids in Pembrokeshire!

We will be walking along a beautiful stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coast,
and ending in St David's where there will be enough time to have a look in
its famous Cathedral if you wish :). And the walk only costs £5!

Have a look at the photographs on our website's gallery to get an idea of
how nice it is. See if you can spot the lost hiker's boot near Solva, the
submarine shaped rock, and hikers holding ice cream...

If you want to come on the walk send us an email and you can join us on
Sunday at one of the usual pickups and pay on the coach.

Since the walk is quite far away we will also be meeting in Uplands Diner
at 8.15am for anyone who wants to order a cooked breakfast before the
walk. If you want to meet us but aren't sure where the Diner is ask us for

We hope to see you there!
Swansea University Hiking Club
Signups Wednesday 12:30-1:30
        Friday 12:30-1:30
Find out more on our website (updated daily)

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