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Amy Brook social at uwshiking.org.uk
Sun Mar 8 19:19:38 GMT 2009

Since I was informed today that the £6.50 as many games as you like
bowling does not begin until 9.00, there is a slight change of plan.

I will still be at yates's at 7.00, but moving on to Bank Statement by
about 7.15 for some food.
If you do not wish to eat in town, you can meet us in Bank Statement (on
Wind Street) at 8.30 and we will be heading to the bowling alley at about


A quick mention:

This tuesday is the one day sale for tickets to Varsity which will take
place on 29th April.
Varsity is essentially a big sporting event between Cardiff and Swansea
where we compete in things such as football, fencing, golf and the big one
of the day.. The Rugby!
Myself, Ollie and Paul are planning on attending this so we wanted to ask
if anyone else wishes to go! If you do, make sure you buy your ticket on
The ticket costs £20 and this will get you:
- T-shirt
- Return coach to Cardiff for the event
- Sticker
- Entry to the afterparty at Play in Swansea (where Scott Mills will be

or alternatively you can buy a ticket just for the afterparty and meet us
there if you wish. This ticket will cost £7.50 but you will only get entry
into Play (no t-shirt or sticker! :( )

Another p.s. - The social after this week is going to be an international
party which i will give you more details about next week, but just to give
you a heads up - we plan on making it fancy dress (with the theme of
'international stereotypes) and we will also be giving the option
beforehand to bring a dish from your country or one you choose.
There will be prizes for the costumes and food!
Just letting you know in advance so that if you want to dress up/make
food, you can organise an outfit/get recipes!

Hope to see you all at the social!!

Lots of love once more..
Your Social Sec


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