[Hiking] Weekend Away & Next Weeks Social!

Megan Jones publicity at uwshiking.org.uk
Wed Feb 3 12:36:07 GMT 2010

Hello everyone!

There are still places remaining on our weekend away to Cheddar Gorge this
weekend 5th-7th February! This is a fantastic weekend not to be missed for
anyone who has ever been involved in the club, even if you haven't made it
on a hike yet.

The cost of the trip is £35 and will cover transport and accomodation,
there will be a kitchen area for you to cook your own food and we will be
going to the pub as well to eat out if you fancy that instead.

You will need:
- a sleeping bag
- hiking boots, waterproofs etc...
- money & food
- toothbrush etc...

The weekends are a fantastic way to get a feel of the club and make some
new friends, Cheddar of course has the extra appeal of its cider and we
will be visiting a traditional cider farm to pick some up!
(1 litre is approx £2)

To sign up for the trip either email us or attend sign up this week!

There is no social planned for this week, but next week we are geading to
either lazerzone or bowling on Tuesday 9th February meeting at Yates at

Our AGM (annual general meeting) is also fast approaching and we be held
on Tuesday 16th February. This is your oppotunity to have a say in how the
club is run and join the committee!

The positions are as follows:
Chair: general overseer and organiser for the club (you have the bulk of
responsility but also have the oppotunity to deligate most of the
workload, so the easiest and hardest job really)

Vice: second in command, you are responsible for taking over if the Chair
is absent and also responsible for booking transport and dealing with the
AU to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Treasurer: you are in charge of the money, keeping a record of the clubs
accounts and paying money into the account each week.

Secretary: responsible for taking notes and booking accomodation for the
weekends away

Social Secretary: responsible for planning and exercising the social
calender for the year

Publicity Secretary: responsible for sending emails, keeping people up to
date with events and generally publicising the club

Web Master:responsible for updating and maintaining our website

So there are the positions, if you are interested in taking on any of them
all you need to do is attend the AGM with a pre-prepared speech as to why
you think you would be good in that position.

See you soon!


Swansea University Hiking Club
Signups Wednesday 12:30-1:30
        Friday 12:30-1:30
Find out more on our website (updated daily)

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