[Hiking] Bike Ride, Pen Allt Mawr and AGM/Pancake Social

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Thu Feb 11 16:09:05 GMT 2010

Hello hikers,

This Saturday 13th will be our bike ride to the Gower. The journey is
mostly on cycle routes or back lanes. Bring a rucksack with some high
energy food and plenty to drink. On the way back cycling to Chris's house
in Killay, should arrive there in daylight, but if you have bike lights
bring them, may be dark going home. Should be food provided at his house.
We recommend a cycle helmet. If you would like to join us but don't have a
bike email us about cycle hire available (24 hours), or if you have a
spare bike and wouldn't mind lending it contact us too. If you would like
to be shown the route ask us at sign up tomorrow or email us. There may be
a chance to stop by a pub on the route depending on how fast the group is
so bring money for a quick drink.
Meeting places;
1pm at Fulton House
1.30pm at the Railway Arms (nearest for people from the village and Killay)
-If you need directions to here ask us

Our walk this Sunday 14th is a B,3 to Pen Allt Mawr. It may be about 12
miles long, with plenty of up and down, for a good challenge. We are going
by minibus so it is a circular route, and we can cut the route short if we
need to. But if you fancy something good and long this is good for you.
Have a look at photos from last year's walk on our website's gallery to
see what you can expect. We had snow though so many of them are of
sledging! It costs £5 and if you want to come you must let us know in
advance, either at sign up tomorrow or by email, but we need to know you
are coming because there are only limited spaces and the pick ups may be
different depending on where people live. 9.15am from uni as usual though.

Our social next Tuesday 16th is the AGM and pancake social. We will have
our AGM in the SU meeting room, sometime between 5-6pm, meet outside
Fulton House beforehand in case people don't know where this is. Exact
meeting times coming soon. You can still be nominated and prepare a short
speech. If you can't make it but want to run for a committee position let
us know. We can read out something on your behalf at the meeting.
After the meeting we will head over to Brynmill for pancakes, socialising
and possibly cider if anyone needs help drinking it.


Swansea University Hiking Club
Signups Wednesday 12:30-1:30
        Friday 12:30-1:30
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