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Fri Oct 1 23:45:41 BST 2010

Hello everyone

Welcome to Swansea university hiking club, you have now been successfully added to our mailing list and this is the main way we will keep in contact with you over the coming year. If you have yet to join the club then you can come to our sign-ups which are 12.30 to 1.30pm every Wednesday and Friday in JCs (coffee side), we can also help you to join the AU if you are having problems.

There are still a few places left on this Sundays walk on the Gower peninsula, if you would like to come please try to let a committee member know using the contact details on the website http://www.hiking.org.uk/committee, if you have yet to join the club but would like to come we can sign you up Sunday morning as long as you bring your AU card. Remember to bring, walking boots (if you have them) , waterproof jacket, packed lunch, water, warm clothing and a few quid for a drink in the pub at the end of the walk :)

Next weekend we're off to the edge of the Brecon Beacons near Hirwaun where we'll be doing another new walk in the surrounding hills, this walk will cost £5 and should give fantastic views over the Neath valley and into the heart of the Brecon beacons. To book your place come along to our Wednesday and Friday sign-up or pester Chris on this Sundays hike to add your name to the list.

On Tuesday 5th October is our Hat Party!! This is basically an excuse to meet up in the pub and get to know your fellow hikers, the only rule is that you must wear a hat of some kind.... baseball cap, pirate hat, smurf hat, cycle helmt, beanie, Trilby, Wizard hat .... etc, there will be a small prize for the best hat. We're meeting in JCs at 7pm but we'll probably wander over to one of the pubs in Brynmill sometime later.

See you all soon!
Chris :)

P.S. Have you visited our website? http://www.hiking.org.uk/ Lots of photos and slideshows from previous trips. 

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