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This weekend is our trip to the peak district, the trip is full but if you desperately want to come let us know and we'll see what we can do. A separate email will be sent in the next few days to everyone signed up with a few more details.
The following weekend on Sunday 31st we will be doing a walk from Freshwater to Tenby along the Pembrokeshire coast path, the walk grade is B1 and it will cost £5.

Next Wednesday (27/10) is one of our most important social events because we will be having our first year rep and international rep elections, we're looking for 3 enthusiastic people - 2 first year reps and one international rep- to join the committee and help make all our walks and events awesome. First year rep positions are open to anyone who is in their first year in the hiking club and it does not necessarily have to be your first year in uni, the international rep position is open to any student who's home university is abroad and is studying in Swansea on an exchange year or similar scheme. All we ask of the reps is that you attend our weekly committee meetings to discuss and plan our events, although if you would like to become even more involved with the day to day running of the club then you would be very welcome to do so. This could be anything from learning how to maintain our website to leading our walks.
If you would like to stand for either of these positions come along to our social on the evening of 27/10/2010 (location TBC, probably in the city centre somewhere) or come and speak to a committee member. At the election we will ask each prospective rep to give a short speech to the rest of the group - just a few words to introduce yourself and say why you'd like to be a first year / international rep, all prospective reps will then be temporarily asked to leave the room whilst the rest of the club votes.
Even if you do not wish to be a rep please show your support by coming along to vote! After wards we'll be heading to windstreet and eventually to AU night in Play.

No social this week because the committee are busy organising the Peak
district weekend and our big Christmas party (.... watch this space!)

See you all soon!
Chris :)
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