[Hiking] AGM, Pancakes and the Rhinogs

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Tue Mar 1 09:42:50 GMT 2011

Hello hikers!

This weekend is our Rhinogs trip. The trip is almost full but we could
squeeze an extra person or two in if anyone else want to come - let me know ASAP. Those of
you who have signed up already will recieve an email with more details
in the coming days. The remaining money is now due from those of you who have only paid a deposit.

Next week is our AGM so this weekend will be my last as chairman.

On Tuesday the 8th March (location
and time TBC in the coming days) we will be holding our AGM. This is a very important meeting because the current
committee will stand down and a new committee will be elected, the new
committee will have immeadiate control of the running of the hiking
club. This is also an opportunity for the club members to suggest changes
to our rules or constitution. Anyone who is a member of the club is
invited to attend.
Would you like to help to run the club? This is a
great way to build on your CV and anyone who is planning on being in
Swansea University until February 2012 can be nominated. The positions
Chairman- oversees the running of the club. (Must have committee experience)Vice Chair - Books transport and organises the kit.Treasurer - Looks after the club funds.Secretary - Rings pubs to check they're open and books accomodation.Publicity - Sends out emails and makes poster / flyers etc for freshers fairSocial Secreatry - Organises the socials and the Christmas dinner
Webmaster - Looks after the website (full training provided)If
you would like to do one of the positions hand your name on a piece of
paper to one of the current committee with the position you would like
to do. You must also have two people 'second' your nomination (sign
your piece of paper to say you are up to the job), these can be any two
hiking club members and the current committe are quite happy to second
you in almost every case.
One person  will be elected to each position by the club members who attend the AGM (by a vote).

After the AGM we will be having a pancake social at Rhodri's house in Sketty since it will also be pancake day! Please bring along one ingredient each.

See you all soon!

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