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Mon May 9 16:26:38 BST 2011

Hello Hikers!
So the end of the year is approaching and therefore the last walks with the hiking club. However, there are still some great events before the end of term to distract from the imminant exams :P
Tuesday 10th May is the date of the last night hike of the year! It will be a short hike on the Gower and may include a stop at Verdi's or somewhere similar for refuelling. There is no charge for this walk, but you will have to bring money for the bus fare. If you want to come, meet at 6:00pm outside Fulton house :)
This weekend is a veritable hiking extravaganza :P Saturday (14th may)  is our reunion party, where many of the previous members of the club who have moved on to bigger and better things are coming back! We'll be having a beach BBQ, so bring along any food you might have (effectively to burn and cover in sand, but hey). Oh, and if you happen to pass any wooden pallettes on your travels we recommmend that you steal it and bring it along as Chris has stipulated: "me want big fire".
The Waterfall Walk will follow this on the Sunday (15th May). This is a great walk that, as indicated by the name, involves a couple of waterfalls :P so bring along wetsuits (or alternative swimware), waterproofs and a camera. If you wish to look at pictures of the previous walks here, follow the link: http://www.hiking.org.uk/gallery/ystradfellte
Sign up at the Wednesday or Friday sessions at JC's from 12:45 -1:15.
The next social event planned is ORIENTBEERING! Alcohol and running around the countryside - what more could you possibly ask for? This event will take place on Wednesday 18th may and will cost £2. Everyone is welcome to come along and bring all of your friends, this event has been a great success in the past and is set to be a good laugh this year as well :D
Also there is the possibility of another Gower walk at sometime during the exam period. If you are interested please let us know at one of the sign up sessions or via facebook: http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Swansea-University-Hiking-Club/164149013598599?sk=wall&filter=12
Hope you can come to some, if not all our events before the end of the year!
Good luck in exams (those that have them),
Charlotte x 		 	   		  
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