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Tue Oct 4 11:52:07 BST 2011

For those of you that came on the hike at the weekend we hope you 
enjoyed it, and now wanna come back for more!! Thanks for coming along; 
it was great to see so many of you. So, coming up on Sunday 9th October 
is our hike to Woebley Castle on the Gower. The price is now £5 (for 
those who paid in advance the price remains at £4).
  It's a stunning walk through the Gower starting near Rhossilli and 
taking in a ruined castle.  If you haven't signed up yet pop along to 
JC's on Wednesday or Friday at 12.30-1.30. We'll be in the coffee side. 
This hike is 8-10miles long and we aim to be back to uni by 6.45 at the 
latest. Pick up is a little earlier than last week and will be on time 
Pick up times are
.9.00 spa uplands
.9.05 the village (bus stop outside, opposite the carvery
.9.15 at uni outside fulton house
What to bring: packed lunch, water, waterproofs, sensible footwear (no 
flipflops!), idealy a rucksack if you have one, warm clothing, and money 
for the pub, AU number.

On friday is the first Hiking social to Playzone!!! It`s a huge indoor 
play area for adults not children so don`t worry, it will be brill fun 
and great chance to meet more of your fellow hikers. They also provide 
acholic and non-acholic refreshments as well as FOOD!! If you would like 
to come you will have to bring valid ID along. Spaces are limited guys 
so come along to JC`s on Wednesday and sign up! It`s £9 for entry and we 
will need the money if you want to put your name down (if you have 
already put your name down we will need money from you to secure your 
place). We will be getting there by minibus taxi so you will need to 
bring a few quid along for that too. We will be meeting outside fulton 
at 7:15. Hopfully see you there!!

One last thing AU cards are ready!! Yay!! You can pick them up at Divas 
(the club on campus) between 11 and 3, you'll need to bring along 
reciepts with your transaction codes. Warning: it will be busy but you 
do need them, good luck!

If you still haven't got around to joining, clam yourself down its not 
too late come to JC's (if you don't know when read the email properly 

We think thats all for now folks
so see you soon
Hannah (Spanner/Secretry), Hannah (Han/ Social Sec), Charlotte 
(Publicity Officer), Sam (Spam/ Representative of the uncool unawesome 
Swansea University Hiking Club
Signups Wednesday 12:30-1:30
         Friday 12:30-1:30
Find out more on our website (updated daily)

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